Rna Purlink Isolation Kit

Blood and Serum DNA Isolation Kit

K5017100 1 kit
EUR 355

Hitachi Exocomplete Laboratories manufactures the rna purlink isolation kit reagents distributed by Genprice. The Rna Purlink Isolation Kit reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Hitachi Exocomplete. Other Rna products are available in stock. Specificity: Rna Category: Purlink Group: Isolation Kit

Mitochondria Isolation Kit

1 kit
EUR 127.2

Rna Isolation Kit

EUR 378.62

miRNA Isolation Kit

Rxns: 100
EUR 398.4
Description: Contents of the kit:
  • Rxns:100Lysis
  • Buffer-10 ml
  • Acid-Phenol-10 ml
  • RNA Column and Collection Tube-100 sets
  • Wash Buffer-10 ml
  • Release Buffer-0.5 ml

miRNA Isolation Kit

Rxns: 50
EUR 267.6

MicroRNA Isolation Kit

1 kit
EUR 247

Preadipocyte Isolation Kit

EUR 639.6

Endosome Isolation Kit

- Ask for price

Isolation Kit information

Broad Range Total RNA Isolation Kit

K1341050 1 kit
EUR 259

Phenol-Free Plant RNA Isolation Kit

10760056-1 50 Prep(s)
EUR 170.53

Column-Pure Fungi RNA Isolation Kit

D510 50 Preparations
EUR 150

EpiQuik Magbeads Quick RNA Isolation Kit

P-9106-050 50 samples
EUR 163.9

Soil RNA Isolation Mini Kit (100prep)

FASRK-100 100 preps
EUR 224.4

Soil RNA Isolation Mini Kit (50prep)

FASRK-001 50 preps
EUR 180

EpiQuik Total RNA Isolation Fast Kit

P-9105-050 50 samples
EUR 176

EpiQuik Viral RNA Isolation Fast Kit

P-9107-050 50 samples
EUR 167.2

RNA-easy Isolation Reagent

R701-01 100 ml
EUR 201.6

RNA-easy Isolation Reagent

R701-02 200 ml
EUR 254.4

FastPure Cell/Tissue Total RNA Isolation Kit

RC101 50 rxn
EUR 274.8

Total RNA Isolation Kit II (Tri-reagent + RNA spin column)

FATRS__050 1 kit
EUR 62

Total RNA Isolation Kit II (Tri-reagent + RNA spin column)

FATRS__100 1 kit
EUR 112

FastPure Universal Plant Total RNA Isolation Kit

RC411-01 50 rxns
EUR 100

PureXtract RNAsol RNA Isolation Solution, LS

R6103-120 2X60ml
EUR 343.2

FastPure Cell/Tissue Total RNA Isolation Kit V2

RC112-01 50 rxns
EUR 82.6

miRNA Isolation Kit (Tri-reagent + RNA spin column)

FAMIK__001 1 kit
EUR 134.5